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want to make money online? Here is a list of 99 proven ways to earn money online. Pick the best methods that work for you and start generating an online income!

You can take this article as your introduction to the best online money making methods or if you are already making money online you can use this list as a smart guide, to make more money.

This post is your ultimate guide on how to start making money online. Take a look at each and every online money earning ways in this list and select the best way to make money online based on your personal experience and passion. (You can start a thread in our community Q&A section, for money-making methods you are interested.)

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99 proven ways to earn money online (2019)

Table Of Contents

Whether you are a student or a full-time employee, this list can help you earn an additional income online.

You can use some of the methods here for some time and when you are able to replace your full-time income, establish yourself as a full-time online entrepreneur.

Let’s dive into this list of tried and proven ways to make money online.

start a blog in one of the evergreen niches

Many people are earning five-figure income using their blog and monetization methods like affiliate sales, ad network and selling their own products on their blog. Blogging may not be the easiest and fastest way to make money online. but, it could be your best way to make money online in the long run.

blogging is one of location independent job to make money online from home. which makes it an ideal job for stay at home moms and for people who may want the freedom to travel and enjoy life.

if you patiently work hard the right way, you can make huge money online with your blog. but one thing you shouldn’t forget is, you may have to wait a year or more to see a serious paycheck.

To start a blog

  1. You should select a good niche for your blog.
  2.  Get a web hosting company? You can use Bluehost for that (cheap hosting plan). or you can use Kinsta web host to get faster hosting for a little more price.
  3. You need a domain name. if you use blue host you can get a domain name for free.

After getting your domain name and hosting you can use word press to create your blog.

If you don’t want to buy hosting and domain name you can use a free option like tumbler, word press free blog, blogger and others. The free option is not a good idea if you really want to make money.

how to start making money online with your blog

1. Monetize your blog by displaying ads. You can use AdSense, media.net and other services.

2. Affiliate marketing

Become an Amazon Associate, amazon associate is the biggest affiliate program on earth, and it is great to get started. Browse their available products and see what will fit your niche. The more relevant traffic you can pull in, the more you can profit.

Sign up for a reputable affiliate network: beside Amazon, there are dozens of large reputable affiliate networks that you can join. To mention a few, Share-A-Sale, jvzoo and Clickbank there are a lot more. This network specializes in connecting you with merchants who are looking for affiliates to sell their products. They take a relatively small commission for the service they provide.

Research companies in your desired niche: you can become an affiliate directly with a company that has its own internal affiliate programs. This is a little bit more work. however, In comparison to the other options, this is better most of the time.

generate income online blogging
start a blog in one of the evergreen niches

Start a blog in one of this best niche (especially for beginners)

If you are a beginner to the blogging world, it is better to choose already established and proven to work niche.

To win the competetion you may niche down based on the number of interested audience.you can use tools like Google keyword tool to estimate the search volume.

Although, writing a blogpost requires more effort than before blogging is still one of the best ways to make money online but you have to choose the right niche

Here are some of the evergreen blog niches where you can pick a sub-niche of this broad niches and start blogging.

1 Personal finance

Personal finance is an evergreen blog niche for the reason, almost all people want their financial problem to be solved. You can get a good number of audience and you can easily build a profitable blog.

2 Make money niche

People always want to make money. You can build a profitable blog by helping people to fulfill this desire. But, you should be careful about peoples who think all online marketers are scammers.

3 Travel Blog

The travel industry is one of the industries that has lots of high ticket affiliate programs if you can blog about the travel industry there is a good earning potential in the niche. You can promote hotels, tours, flights, and anything related to travel.

4 Food Blog

If you are a nutritionist or if you have an interest in the food-related niche. you can create a food blog? Food blogs are profitable and interesting for so many people. You can run a membership and sell a cookbook.

5 Lifestyle Blog

If you are a social media lover then you can start a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle bloggers write about anything they experience in their everyday life, that include hobbies, interest, tips, tricks and anything interesting for the audience. Once you get a big social media follower and blog audience. you can monetize your audience with affiliate marketing or sponsored services.

6 Parenting Blog

if you have something to share about parenting then you can start making money by sharing your experience and advice for other parents. You will be doing something interesting and you can stay at home making enough money from your blog. You can monetize your site with affiliate products from the multimillion-dollar baby business and you can create your own products as well.

7 Weight Loss niches

This niche is one of the evergreen niches. You can monetize your site with affiliate marketing and running membership.

8 Diabetes niche sites

If you are interested in the health industry you can build a niche site that targets people with diabetes. You are expected to recommend products, foods, and recipes that will lead to healthier lives. You can monetize your site with membership and affiliate sells.

This niche focuses on diets that lead to healthier lives and it has huge potential to make good niche site.you can specialize in one of the popular sub-niche like Paleo, Mediterranean, etc..

10 Alternative Health

This is also another evergreen niche if you have a background in the health industry or if you are interested in the health-related stuff. You can make a niche site that targets alternative health niches like Acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oils, and supplements, etc.

11 Fitness Site

If you are an expert in the fitness industry. You can start a fitness website? The fitness niche is evergreen. You can sell a fitness training course, eBook, or promote affiliate fitness gears and products.

12 Online Fitness Coach

If you are a fitness expert you can build a fitness blog and a social media fan page to build your audience base and you can monetize your audience with subscription-based membership sites or you can advise and sell your fitness plan.

earn huge money online with dropshipping

making big money online is possible with dropshiping bussines
start an online dropshiping business

dropshipping is one of the smart ways to make money online. the dropshipping business model eliminates the upfront investment that is required in the normal eCommerce business. but, it will potentially help you earn huge money online

13 Sells Products on a Shopify Store

There is no surprise that there are so many people who are making six-figure by just doing dropshipping. Joining this business model can be your ticket to your financial freedom.

Dropshipping is a business model that eliminates the need for huge investment and inventory management. You just curate, market and sell your unique collection of products.

Shopify is a platform where you can start dropshipping in the quickest and easiest way possible. You can use it to sell your own product but it is perfect for dropshipping. It creates an economical way to start an e-commerce business via its apps that automate every step of your dropshipping business.

After you register with Shopify you can use Oberlo. Oberlo is Shopify’s own app and it is fully integrated drop shipping supplier network it will take away a huge burden from you and automate your tasks.

 Oberlo helps you find and add the products into your Shopify store. Actually, it is the best way to start a Shopify store quickly and at a minimal cost. And it has 14-day free trial as well.

You can take these five steps and get your Shopify store set up and running.

1 register with your Shopify free trial

2 install the Oberlo app

3, Search For & Select Products to Sell using the Oberlo app

4 Import your selected Products into Your Shopify Store

5 setup your store

create websites ( profitable affiliate niche site ) and apps

creating a niche site that solves peoples problem is one of the best way to earn huge money online.

building a profitable niche site and/or app is one of the few best ways to make big money online but it may take some time before the website become profitable.

14 Create Coupons Website

Everybody love coupons and discount. if you can constantly maintain your website, you will have the opportunity to earn money by building a word press coupon website. To get started, select a coupon niche then use a coupon theme and display relevant coupons on your site. Then build your audience and update your offer constantly.

15 Directory Site

You can create a directory site in your local area or in some lucrative niche and charge business to list their business in your director. You can use word press and some directory plugin. Directory site could be a little bit difficult to start but if you can automate most of your work then it will create a recurring monthly passive income. You can also use affiliate marketing to monetize your site.

16 Jobs Board Website

Creating a jobs board website can be another profitable venture. To succeed in this niche finding sub-niche that requires a job board website is key.

17 Gaming niche site

The gaming industry is growing bigger and bigger every year and you have plenty of products to promote as an affiliate. If you are interested in gaming you can build a niche site that will make big money online, from the multi-billion dollar industry that is growing more than 10% every year.

18 Luxury niches site

luxury niche sites are lucrative since most of the products are sold at a high price, which means the affiliate commission is also higher.in this niche, you can target Luxury Watches, luxury jewelry, and luxury beauty products.

19 Sporting gods niche sites

This niche can be a great way to break into affiliate marketing and build a niche-specific site since it has good ranges of product to promote. You can build niche sites that have lots of affiliate product to promote that include golf niche And Running niche.

20 Hiking and Camping niche site

You can build a niche site that targets hiking and camping. There are lots of product that are best for e-commerce in this niche.

21 Amazon affiliate niche e-commerce store

Affiliate stores are one of the best ways you can make passive income online. Pick a good niche for your Amazon affiliate site .after selecting the niche set up a WordPress site and use word press plugin to build a niche website.there are both paid and free plugins you may consider using.

After you set up your store and upload products using the plugin, you will be making passive income. When the user clicks the buy button. They will be directly taken to Amazon, to make a purchase. Then, Amazon will pay you an affiliate commission.

22 Multi-Vendor Market Place

Once you setup a marketplace site you can open it to vendors in your niche.then you will make money from royalties fees. You can use word press and word press multi-vendor plugin to start with this business.

sell or buy website

your best ways to make side money online can be buying or selling a website
buy or sell a website to make money online

if you know the internet world very well, then you can consider buying and selling a website as one of the best ways to make money online.

23 Create and Sell Websites

Create websites and generate some income with the website and sell it on Flippa. But before you try to sell your website you should drive traffic and build follower, so that you can get a higher bid.

24 Buy already established online business or website.

Building an online business or website, takes a lot of time, effort and money. Plus to that, there is no guarantee you will succeed, the short cut to own a profitable website for some people may be to buy a profitable website.

But when you buy a website, you should be careful, so that you don’t get deceived to buy crap. You can buy and sell websites based on user traffic, current revenue, domain name, the age of the website or some other factors. To buy a website you can use sites like Flippaflippa

make money online with an app

make consistent money online with a mobile app
build a mobile app to make money online

you can build apps to make good money online. the mobile app business is growing every year and now it is a high potential money making methods online.

25 Build a Premium App and make consistent money online

If you have a good idea of an app you can build it or hire a developer to create a paid app with a free plan and you publish it to the app stores and after you get enough download and user satisfaction you can start promoting your premium plan to make consistent money online.

26 Build a Free App

If you have an idea for a free app then you can build or hire a developer. Publish your app and do marketing to get downloads.

After you get enough downloads you can monetize the app using ads and affiliate marketing.

27 Make Money Selling Apps

If you have the ability to make apps you can make lots of money. If you don’t know how to code but if you have an app idea still you can make good money online by hiring a developer for little investment. Actually, if you don’t want to sell your app you can monetize it and make money that way.

Sites you can use to sell your app:-

Flippa is mainly to buy and sell websites but you can also buy and sell apps.

Apptopia is another website that allows you to buy and sell apps.

Sell My App this site let you Sell your iPhone apps.

sell products online

selling products on the multivendor marketplace is one of the big opportunity to earn huge money online.

28 Sell on Amazon

Amazon is an online retailer of digital products like books, movies, and games and physical products like electronics, tools, general home and garden items and a lot more. If you have anything to sell whether it is digital or physical you can make money with it.

29 Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a service by the e-commerce giant Amazon. You can sell your own product using this service. You can send the product to Amazon and Amazon will full fill the order for you.

If you find the right product, Amazon FBA can be one of the lucrative business ideas that uplift your financial position or pay your debt.

Lots and lots of people are making a six-figure income by just sourcing product from China and selling it on Amazon FBA.

To make a good profit with Amazon FBA, first, fully understand the business from successful FBA gurus.

30 Sell on eBay

On eBay, you can buy and sell anything you want cars, collectibles, fashion apparel, baby items, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else. eBay can be a good place to get some immediate money by selling used items.

There are so many things we buy when we have money but we no longer use them, when you need money you can sell this extra thing on eBay.

31 Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified advertisements website you can sell anything you want. The site is loaded with lots of section like jobs, housing, for sale, personals, items wanted, services, community, discussion forums and a lot more.

32 Sell Your Crafts and Art on Etsy

You can use Etsy as a marketplace to sell handmade goods and crafts. You don’t need to be super artistic to start selling on Etsy. you can sell anything from baby shower printable to bracelets, rings, furniture. If you provide value and if you are good at your marketing this can be one of your best way to make money.

Etsy is the most popular site for arts and craft .there are other sites that you can use to sell your arts and crafts:- Aftcra, ArtFire, Big artel, Bonanza, and Luulla, etc..

33 Private Labelling and Selling Products on Amazon

To get a side income by selling private-label products you start by searching for generic products that are already selling well on Amazon. after selecting the product, create your own packaging and logo and market the products better than your competitors.

The most important tips on making money online with this method are the fact that everybody should know doing very good product research is a must. And, When you get the right product you buy at a discount and sell them with profit.

products that are used for this purpose most of the time are clocks, keychains, mugs and the like but you can try any product that you can attach to your brand.

34 Create Your Own Product

If you have some idea for product creation then this may be your ticket for big bucks online. You can change your idea into a product with the help of a designer online (maybe using fiverr) or you can design it yourself with some cad software. Then you have to pass through long proses of putting your product to the market. Then you can use services like Amazon FBA to sell your product. This may be easy to say but hard to do, however, the profit will compensate all your hard work once you start selling the product.

launch a startup

launch a start up to make huge money online
launch a start up

35 Launch and Grow a Startup

Launching and growing startups successfully can make huge money online. However, most startups fail within their first two years. To succeed in building a startup, you need to make sure that you offer something valuable and fills a market gap.

Building an audience and monetizing should follow the startup launch. The steps you could take to achieve this, in short, could be listed as:-

1 Find where your passion line up

To get successful at what you do. you need to love what you do and you have to be very good at it otherwise you will be putting a lot of pressure on yourself and your performance.

2 Find a gap in a product or service

Don’t jump into an oversaturated market try to find a niche with some problem and try to solve that problem with your product or service. Stand out from everyone else.

3 Focus on building your customer base

Define who your target audience are and then figuring out the best way to market to them.

4 Begin to convert

Convert your One-time visitors to be subscribers.

5 Begin to monetize your audience

finally, focus on the monetization of your audience.

Don’t forget to test and choose a winner

Test your products or services based on the appetite for your products or services with different target groups. You need to take a few iterations before you find a winner.

do you want to make big money online? this is the method people use to earn huge money online. A software-related business is easier to sale and scale resulting in higher revenue than any other business.

36 Create a SAAS business

Create software as a service and charge users a subscription fee. If you have an idea for a SAAS conduct research on the profitability of your idea and you can make big money with it.

if you have programming skill you can do the software yourself. If you don’t have the skill you can invest and hire somebody else to do it for you.

37 Design Themes

You can design theme for WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, or Tumblr and sell it on sites like ThemeForest.

38 Develop Word Press Plugins

Look for problems word press users are talking about and develop a plugin that will solve that problem and make money online.

39 Re-sell Web Hosting

Make money as a web hosting reseller with very little investment. There are large hosting companies like HostGator and so many others that will take care of the hosting for you. You can resell their service and make a monthly passive income. If you have a web design service you can maximize your profit with this method.

affiliate marketing

simplest way to make money online is affliate marketing
start affliate marketing bussines

4o Do Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the smart and easy ways to make money online by selling products that you don’t own.

There is a high possibility to earn huge money online with affiliate marketing since many companies use affiliate marketing to drive traffic to their product sells page.

If you have traffic to your site or social media follower you can make money by promoting others product to make affiliate sells.

join wealthy affiliate university, the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online. (amazing free plan available but you can upgrade to get more).

Here are some of the affiliate programs that you can join and start making affiliate income.

Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, ShareASale, etc..

41 Email Marketing with a Niche Newsletter

Email marketing with a niche newsletter to your active subscriber that are interested in your niche is one of the best ways to make money. You can make each newsletter to target a specific type of user with interesting daily content. The monetization could be done by using affiliate programs with some company.to accomplish email marketing clearly, you need to use an autoresponder like GetResponse, MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, and SendPulse,

earn money online from home by creating your own digital product

A digital product can help you earn huge money online if you do it as a business. digital products are easier to create and distribute which makes it one of the best ways to make big money online.

lots of stay at home moms and online entrepreneurs are making money online from home by creating and selling digital products.

42 Write EBook

Writing eBook is one of the best ways to earn passive income, you spend some time writing a book maybe 30 hrs. Then you will be making money for years to come.

You can self-publish your eBook on Kindle, Kindle is almost on all platform android, ios, pc, mac, etc.. and it has a huge market.

To make a good profit with your eBook you have to provide value, understand your audience and do good research on the topic you are writing and present it in a very interesting way.

Don’t forget to do some marketing too. Use a great cover design so that it stands out from the crowd, and once your book is live it is really important to get reviews because people want to see a review before they buy.

43 Online courses

Creating courses may require upfront work but after you created your course your work becomes less and less and you will make money as long as your course is relevant.

If you have a website and a good number of audience you can use your website to deliver courses and use a series of email to deliver the course.

 If you don’t have your own website or not enough audience, there are money platforms that are created to host your courses. You can use them to deliver your courses.

If you don’t have a huge follower, utilizing platforms like udemy is the best to present your course to a large audience.

Some of the platforms for creating online courses are:

Teachable (The Pricing of teachable range from $29 per month to $299 per month. )

All types of media are supported the best thing about teachable is that they get the ultimate marketing integrations. Marketing and analytics are extremely powerful to grow your profit.

Udemy (free, but you may not have full control)

Udemy is the most popular free platform to sell your course. Its network is unmatched for bringing new students and boosting sells. However, you should agree to give up 50% of sales if Udemy brings in a student for you.if you don’t already have huge audience Udemy is the way to go because it gives you access to the millions of potential students in the Udemy community.

Thinkific (The pricing of Thinkific range From $0 per month to $279 per month.)

Thinkfic has a great course designer where you stack the course content and move it around vertically.

The thinkfic free plan enables you to start your course for free which is very good to start your new courses and its other plans are reasonable as well.

Ruzuku (The Pricing start from $79 per month to $149 per month.)

Ruzuku platform support Video, audio, and PDF courses which is good for people with limited technical knowledge. You can run webinars, engage with your customers through live chat and you can create memberships.

Academy of Mine (The pricing Begins from $499 per month)

This platform provides you an all-in-one solution, which enables you to have a full website for you to launch your brand and start selling courses online

iSpring (The pricing starts from $167 per month (50 users) to custom for 250+ users)

With this platform, you can add a learning path so that your student progress through step by step.

WizIQ (The pricing starts from $83 per month. (They have a free trial)).

The WizIQ system provides two solutions called the online academy and virtual classroom. Mobile learning is a bonus.

44 Sell Your Teaching Plan and material

If you have a teaching plan or teaching material you can sell it to other teachers. More and more teachers are looking for creative ways to teach their student if you have material that can help this teacher, definitely, you can make money. Teacher pay teacher is one of the popular sites you can use to sell your staff.

online remote job

make consistent money online geting a remote online job
get a remote online job

45 Remote jobs

A Remote job is any job that doesn’t involve being tied to a specific office or workplace. There is a lot of advantage to that.

To get these jobs you are expected to search very hard and apply very consistently.

The Best Sites for Finding Great Remote Jobs.


Flexjobs is a site where you will find the Best Remote and Flexible Jobs.it provide its own filter letting you access hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs.


Use this site if you want to get a Job at a Startup. You can apply privately to 102,472 startup jobs with one application and no need for middlemen you can also See salary and equity upfront.

Hubstaff TalentHubstaff Talent

To get a job at Hubstaff you just signup for a profile so that you get a job offers from thousands of remote startups, software companies, agencies, and e-commerce businesses.


On Pangian you can Find Remote Jobs by gaining access to more than 100 jobs that will be posted daily, you can make friends and get to know awesome Pagans working remotely around the world. They also get Pangian Chat in which Join daily remote-work chat and advice


On remote.co after you fill your profile their AI matches you with qualified jobs by analyzing your skills and experience and matches you with jobs that predict the highest probability for success.


On Jobspresso  you will get Work remotely from anywhere and you can browse and apply to Expertly curated remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support and more

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is the largest community on the web (with over 2,500,000 monthly visitors) to find and list remote jobs that aren’t restricted by communities or a specific location


Outsourcely list both full and part-time remote jobs. To get a job you can browse by category: design & multimedia, web development, writing & content, customer service, sales & marketing, and more

Write online

if you have some writing skill then writing online is the easy way to make money online.

46 Do Guest Post as a Freelance Writer for Niche Websites

If you are interested in writing and if you are an expert at some niche you are interested, then you can make money by submitting your article to sites that pay for content. Produce good content that will grow your income by properly researching your niche and try to find people who pay more.

There are so many sites that have a content submission or contact link but don’t forget to look at ways to pitch your content to successful sites in your niche.

Sites that you can try to submit your content can be


With Listverse You can get paid $100 via pay pal. they claim Listverse was built on the efforts of readers who didn’t have experience as writers but decided to put a list together and send it to them. Which means you don’t have to be an expert to write for them but don’t forget to send your original content.

A List Apart

if you got an idea that will present a fresh perspective on any topic you can send it to A List Apart and earn a side income.


If you are more than 18 years old and a citizen of the USA, you can get paid via pay pal for writing an article and submitting it to textbroker.

You can also try funds for writers, International Living, toptenz, instash, etc.

47 Write for Medium’s Partner Program

Medium is an online community where anyone can publish stories that foster thinking and inspire people.in mediums partner program you will be rewarded by the readers, not advertisers, unlike so many other websites. You earning will depend on how deeply readers are engaged with your work.

48 Write for Revenue Sharing Websites and Blogs

Revenue sharing websites are a website that divides the income generated by your content on their website. There are advantages and disadvantages to this however if you want to make money this could be one of the easiest ways to make money. Besides the money that you are going to share you can get website traffic and backlinks from this authority sites.

Some of the popular revenue sharing sites are

Hub pages

Hubpages is an open community of writers and readers that get more than 35 million people visiting the website every month. You can easily create articles and build an audience. You will generate passive income because of the site share revenue generated from AdSense and Amazon associate program.


infobarrell is another revenue sharing site you can contribute your content and earn 75 % the ad revenue via your PayPal account.

49 Copywriting

Copywriting is writing a professional text for websites, press releases, leaflets, email, sales page, brochures, and any promotional material. If you have the talent to persuade others and if you make some training to refine talent you can make a lot of many as a copywriter.

50 Proofread Articles

You can make money not only writing but edit somebody else article. Freelance editing and proofreading give you the opportunity to make money while you are reading some new interesting topic.

You can find lots of job postings from companies and individuals in need of writing, proofreading, and editing services online.

To get proofreading and editing jobs you can use a site like Contena and so many other companies that specialize in outsourcing proofreading and editing.


Contena is a web site where you can do freelance writing.it enables you to get a remote job by creating location-independent gigs. There are already so many people who are making a good income using the site.

51 Become an Online News Writer or Columnist

Become an Online News Writer or Columnist Freelance

You can use sites like The Examiner, it shares ad revenue generated per article written

The above online business opportunities take time and effort but bring in huge profit plus it could be done by anybody from almost all countries of the world.

Let’s see some relatively easy and fast money making methods.

virtual assistants, freelancer jobs and other easy ways to make money online

is there a way to make money online for free?yes do freelance,virtual assisatnt jobs.
do virtual assistant job online.

freelance and virtual assistant jobs are one of the simplest way to make money online. this method involve selling a skill or talent and it is one of the best ways to make money online for free.

you don’t have to quit your job to start making money with this method.you can organize your schedule, and start making side money online.

This method is one of the popular way by most people to make money online easily

52 Freelancing business

freelancing can be one of your fastest and easiest way to make money online. the freelance industry is very big and it is growing bigger every year.

There are different types of freelancing website where you can sell your skill or talent.

Websites’ that allow you to create Gigs, these are more popular than the other where you apply for a job offer by an employer or combination of these methods.

List of freelance sites you can get a job.


The largest global freelancing website that has more than 70 categories of work.


Truelancer is an Online Platform for Employers to Hire Professionals to get their work done and Freelancers and Professionals can Search Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the world.

Projects on various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more can be posted and found on Truelancer.com.


freelancer is another site where you can search and find freelance jobs with the help of its filters.


PeoplePerHour Connect a client with experts that are available per hour or per project.


SEOClerks is a marketplace originally designed for SEO services. As part of our continuing effort to expand and innovate, we’ve changed. Since the inception of SEOClerks, we’ve expanded beyond SEO offering a Want to Buy and Want to Trade section where users can ask for anything


FreeeUp caters to thousands of businesses all over the world looking to save time and money in the hiring


On Fiverr, you create gigs and get jobs starting from five dollars.

Other sites you can try Gigbucks, Toptal, Guru, 99designs So many more….

53 Translating

If you are multilingual then you can make money by translating from one language to another language.

you can find jobs on sites Lingosaur, Translatorsbase, TranslatorsCafe, etc.

54 Teach your language as a Virtual Tutor

If you are a native English speaker and have the ability to teach, you have great potential to make money teaching and tutoring English as a second language to people in the Middle East or somewhere over the internet.

This opportunity is not just for people who can speak English. if you can speak other languages, you can teach your language too. However, the demand for all language is not equal but English is not the only language that will make you money. you can earn more than 25$ per hour via sites like


Verbalplanet is a site for students to select a teacher from anywhere in the world for all major languages.it gets filter by availability, price, profile, feedback from previous students. you can use it to sell your language skill.

you can also look for jobs on indeed and teach via Skype.

55 Narrate Audiobooks

If you have a very good voice you can make extra money by recording audio versions of independent and popular books. You can use sites like ACX to connect and sell your service.

56 Local Business Consulting freelance

If you have any knowledge that can help a business reach out to them and tell them you can solve their problem they will be more than willing to pay for the value you provided for the companies. You need to use the proper cold emailing technique to land your clients.

57 Be a Virtual Assistant

There are so many small businesses that require virtual assistant (VA). A virtual assistant does assistant jobs like bookkeeping, database research, booking travel, customer support, manage email, and money more.to get a virtual assistant job you can use sites like UpWork, Indeed, and Remote.co or you can create a virtual assistant gig on Fiverr.

58 Clean Up Search Engines

Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine what pages to show for search results, though the algorithms are powerful it needs human to check and make sure the machines are doing their job correctly.to make money you need to accomplish a task like conducting researches on predefined search queries and providing feedback for results based on their relevance.

To do this job you can use sites like


Appen is a worldwide leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. They partner with leading technology companies to improve machine learning-based products. appen provide a flexible work environment.

You can also use Lionbridge. But not both appen and Lionbridge at the same time.

59 Tech Support

If you want a business that you can do from your home. you can start home-based micro call centers.


Arise create a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms, college students, veterans, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals. You will get paid to Provide customer service via phone, web and email support.

60 Test Websites

There are lots of people and companies that want their website user-friendliness get tested by real human representing the user of the website. You can get paid for testing the design of this website like navigation or test whether the content gives sense. just test the sites and you will get paid for your thoughts which range 10 $ per 20 minutes or 30 $ per hour.

Some of the most popular sites you can sign up are:-

User testing

Is a company to eliminate bad user experiences on websites and apps, by hiring user human tester.

You give your feedback based on the experience you have on the website or app you are testing. the feedback will help the sites or the app provide amazing user experiences.


With userlytics, you will get paid to test Website, Mobile App, and Prototype.they get a lot of tools and example.


TryMyUI is Get paid to use websites and apps platform where you get paid for your honest feedback.all what is expected from you is that to be yourself and use the test website exactly as you would in a real-life situation.then record your thoughts and frustration so that the site developers do better. You will be paid $10 for each test you take. A typical test may last approximately 20 minutes.


Userfeel Ltd is a UK and Greece based team of professionals who have been working in Analytics, Website Optimization, Web Design, and Web Development since 2005.


This site is maybe the best for those of you who are outside of us and if you don’t have a VPN. TestingTime is a start-up founded in Swiss which recruits test users for user and market research.

61 Sell Your Art and Designs on Society6 or Zazzle (or both)

You can make money with print on demand companies like Zazzle and society6 especially if you do proper marketing for your work.

Using sites like zazzle you can design phone cases, t-shirts, or even wall hangings, pillows, and duvets. These companies will print your design and ship it whenever someone buys from you.

Already lots of people are making thousands of dollar every month with this method.

62 Sell Stock Photos Online

Many people need photos to create content and definitely, they will pay to get a good quality photo.if are good at taking photos you can sell them for money.you can sell your photo on Shutterstock or istockphoto to process the license.

63 Do Data Entry for Companies

There are lots of companies who get a huge set of raw data but not enough human resource. If you have quick typing skills you can make money online by processing this data for these companies. You can get these jobs on sites like upwork, indeed or craglist.

64 Do Data Analysis for Companies

The data generated by different companies online is growing every day and there is a need to analyze this huge data. If you have the skill and talent to analyses data there are plenty of companies that want to hire you. You may be required to show you credential and experience to get these jobs.

To get these jobs you can use sites like Upwork.

65 Provide customer support service as a freelance contractor

Online business is done 24/7 and it is easier and more logical for companies to hire a customer support agent from different time zone. If you have some experience in service and if you get the patience to solve peoples’ problem you can do this remote job online.

To find this job you can look on sites like indeed, up work or other remote job listing sites.

66 Be a Voice-Overs freelancer

If you have a good voice you can make good money using your voice. There are huge numbers of peoples and companies that want your voice over service for their animation series, corporate videos, or educational videos.

To get jobs as a voice-over artist you can use Voices.com, you can create a gig on Fiverr or search for a job on upwork.

67 Transcribe Audio and Interviews

If you have an internet connection and computer then you can make money by transcribing audio. You will earn from $10 to $ 25 per hour of transcribed audio. But if you have specialization in legal or medical transcription you can make a lot more.

Sites you can get transcription jobs are:-


You can use Speechpad to build transcriber portfolio as a beginner and you will be making good money.


Rev not only enable you to make money as a transcriber but also they provide good training for newbies. They also allow you to select projects and your schedule.


Scribe is another website that you can try. You don’t have to be expert in transcription you can start as a newbie and pursue transcription works listed on scribed.

Other transcription jobs listing sites are:- TranscribeMe, Quicktate, Rev, Tigerfish, Crowdsurf, and UPWork.

you can take a transcription course on Transcribe Anywhere.

Do Graphic Design or SEO jobs for Local Companies

graphics deasign service could your best online earning ways
give services like graphics deasign to local campanies.

68 graphics design service to local business

every business need logo, business card, and other graphic design services.To get client You can target and market your talent to local companies in your area. Just search problems that local companies have and solve it for them.it could be graphic design or local SEO optimization, etc.

69 do local SEO for local sites

you can search for websites in your local area or in some locality that are not ranking well on the search engine. build a list of a potential client and pitch them about your service.

70 do google map SEO for a local business

you can search for local business in your area or in area of your choice and create and optimize the appearance of this business on google maps.

71 Rent Your Home or Room on Airbnb

You can bee Airbnb freelancer and rent your home to Airbnb guest and make some extra money.

72 Sell Your freelance service to niche-specific sites

Make Money Online Sell Your Services on Niche Sites Like Dribbble, TopTal and the like

If you have some special skills in a specific skill niche you can make money on a niche-specific site .their are people who are looking for special skill and you can get them in those sites. you can Check out sites like Cloudpeeps for marketing and SEO professionals, 99Designs or Dribbble for designers, and TopTal, Crew, or Gigster for high-level software developers.

75 Sell your knowledge on Clarity.fm

If you have knowledge and experience in some specific business you can make money by advising business owners and managers.clarity.fm provides the means for its users to search for an expert and book a phone call. If you have some experience in some business like running a restaurant or building online startups you can accept phone calls for a few minutes and earn money.

73 Answer Professional Questions on JustAnswer

If you are a professional working in of the following profession as a doctor, lawyer, or some profession you can make money by answering peoples question on a one-on-one basis. To apply for this opportunity, you are required to supply your professional verification, resume, and a form of identification.

74 Be tax preparer for people and business

Every business and most individuals businessmen need someone to help prepare tax returns every year. If you are interested to make money as a freelance tax preparer you can charge good money for your service.to get started you should get training and certification. You can finish this training in a few weeks and you will be good to go with this side business idea.you can use sites like theincometaxschool.com

75 Online Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and if you know some places, you start a business as a private travel agent. There are multiple ways you can make income with this method that include affiliate sales and direct fees from your customers. But you need to do a good marketing job and also you can use words of mouth method to attract clients.

76 Give your opinion and fill Surveys

If you want to get some pocket money, you can join survey sites and give your opinion. You will be required to provide your demographic information like (age, gender, location…etc.)

To get this job you can join sites like

Clixsense (global)

Survey Junkie,


77 Maintain Fan Pages

Popular peoples and some small business need someone who manages their fan base on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. If you have a background in social media you can make money by managing fan pages.

To get these jobs You can use sites like a Fiverr.

78 Sell Your Old Smartphone and Other Tech Goods

Don’t throw your old smartphone or other tech gadgets to trash. You can make money selling it online. You can sell it to people who don’t want to buy a new phone or who may want to fix it and sell it for profit.

You can sell your old gadgets on sites like- Swappa, Gazelle, or Glyde

79 Sell Your Old Books

Make Money Online Sell Your Old Books. If you want to clear some space occupied by your old book. Then, don’t put your books to garbage. Sell them for money. You can use sites like Half Priced Books and others.

80 Sell Your Clothes Online

Do you have clothes that you are not wearing? Then you can sell it online.

You can check out sites like SnapGoods, Tradesy, and Loanables.

81 Rent Your Car on Turo

If you have a car that you are not using often. You can earn money by renting it on Turo. You don’t have to worry much about the safety of your car because they have an insurance policy on all cars that are rented under their service and the drivers are also prescreened.

82 Buy and Sell Domain Names

although some experts doubt the long term viability of making money via domain name trading there are still people who are making money. The most lucrative domain names are already sold out but who knows what you can find still today. Searching for a profitable domain maybe a little bit of more works now than ever before. You can broker on some cheap domain names and make money online.

83 Start an Online Agency and subcontract your extra work.

You will make limited money when you sell your hour as a freelancer. But if you can give subcontracts to another freelancer you can build a business that makes very significant money that can change your financial status.

There are already successful people who are making very big money by subcontracting their works to other freelancers.if you want to do this business make sure you do the marketing right and when you get the job offer you will subcontract to other trusted freelancer who does the job for less money than your contact.

The most popular platform to grow this kind of business is Fiverr. But you can try other freelance websites too.

84 Edit Videos Online

For so many campiness Video is the most important part of marketing and communication nowadays. There is a growing demand for Lots of video editors who are required to make raw footage into interesting content. you can easily make money online as a video editor by using some video editing tool.

Sites that you can use to get these jobs are:- Mandy.com, Creative Cow Job, or ProductionHub

85 Make money on youtube

There are multiple ways you can make with youtube. You can use affiliate marketing, youtube ads or youtube memberships.

86 Create a membership on Patreon

Patron is a website that makes crowdfunding easy for you. If you have valuable content you can share with your audience periodically you can create a membership page using the patron platform. The site has got wide acceptance in the creative community. Now it is very popular among artists, YouTube video creators, and similar content creators.

87 crowdfunding

if you are in short of funds. you can go for some websites that will help you raise funds for your startups and projects.

Some of these websites are AngelList, appbackr, Crowdfunder, Crowdrise, Hyperstarter, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.

88 Small Business Marketing Strategist and consultant

If you have experience with marketing and search engine optimization you can work as a freelance marketing strategist for small business. There are lots of business that are failing to bring in more enough customer. You can solve their problem with your marketing skill and get paid for your work.

To get clients you can use cold email and other techniques and as well you can look for jobs on sites like upwork.

89 Make money online using social media

social media sites could be your best places to make money online
make money online using social media.

If you have a large social media followings then you can make money online by monetizing your traffic through various ways that include selling your own products or other product. e.g, selling an ebook, arts, and crafts, etc.

90 Become an Influencer on Instagram and get paid to by brands.

Building Instagram follower is getting harder and harder but if you can build a good following by selecting a nice and posting quality content regularly. You can get thousands of dollar from brands who want to work with you.

91 Become an influencer on Pinterest

With massive Pinterest following, you can do affiliate marketing as well as you can work with brands to promote their product and accept a commission for that.

92 Sponsored Tweets

PaidPerTweet.com – with this web site you can earn money by setting your price to Tweet website links, press releases, products promos, services, and companies to help companies gain exposure.

93 Get Paid to Test Products

you can get paid to test products before it hits the shelf.

Vindale Research

Vindale gives you so many opportunities including paid studies, reimbursement for testing products, referrals, etc.

Pinecone Research (Nielson)

Pinecone Research provides you opportunities to earn points for a completed survey, test product before it hit the market.

National Consumer Panel (Nielson)

National Consumer Panel rewards for the scanned data of your groceries’ barcodes, survey, etc.

you can also try Bzz Agent, Expo panel, Influenster, House Party, Mom’s Meet, Smiley 360, Swaggable.

94 Play games and get paid

You can make money playing games

Sites you can try:-


They accept a limited number of people every day. You can join them and make money.

Micro-tasking jobs

make small money online doing a microtask job.
make extra money online doing a micro task.

if you ask, is there a way to make money online for free? the answer most probably includes micro-tasking jobs.

micro-tasking jobs are a way to earn little money online within little time and effort. There is little to no barrier to entry.

you don’t need experience or qualification to be accepted into a micro-tasking site. it takes a few tests to get started and you can make small money online in no time.

95 Get paid to watch Videos


Swagbucks is a get-money-to site that will pay for the small tasks you accomplished on its website. to get paid watching videos, sign up with Swagbucks, then you can watch videos and then rate to get points.

96 Get Paid for Searching the Web

some browser apps reward you for just searching the web.one of the popular app you can use in this regard is Qmee.


With Qmee you will be paid when you search your favorite site and completing surveys in which you will share your opinion on several brands.to start making money sign up with Qmee app start using their browser app.

97 do micro-jobs

Do Micro-Jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service provided by AMAZON for people who want to do micro-jobs .you will be provided with small tasks that require human interaction. You get paid by doing these tasks from your home or anywhere.

Become a Clickworker

Clickworker is a micro job site like Amazon Mechanical Turk, but it allows people from around the world.it is one of the best ways to make money in comparison to other similar programs. You can join and start making money. Some people are making 200-300 dollar every month with about 20 hours of work.

98 Paying Phone Apps

There are a ton of apps that let you make money while you shop.

Checkpoints – scan items and check stores to make points that convert to discounts and gift cards.

.Field Agent – App for iPhone users. Scan barcodes, mystery shop, check prices, take polls, explore neighborhoods, and more. Work done can be exchanged for between $3 and $12 as wage for each task.

Other apps you can use to make money Gigwalk, EasyShift, and Shopkick, etc.

99 Crypto Airdrops

Crypto Airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free. An airdrop is a part of a marketing campaign for crypto and blockchain startups in exchange for following their social media accounts.majority of tokens that you get will be worthless, since most of the startups fail or their giveaway may be small. However, if you participate in lots of airdrops you can get a high potential airdrop.


To make money online, first set your goal and ask yourself how much money you want to make and how much time and investment you can dedicate.

Select the methods that suit you most, and start your online business now. if you take action now, definitely you will be in a better position in the coming years.

be an optimist don’t always choose paths without obstacle when you accomplish something. it gives you more pride and confidence to try new things and make more money.

try to start your own business and provide value for your clients and you will be making good side income.if you are a little bit smart you can even achieve your financial freedom.

This is a massive list of ways you can make money online. But, this is not the end. if you have your own ways to make money online. share with us in the comment section.we will add them to the list in the future.

Here is the summary of this list to share and embed.

99 proven ways to make money online
99 tested and proven ways to make money online

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