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How To Create And Sell Information Products: a simple step by step guide to get you started in the online information selling business.

Information products are a sellable product that contains useful information that can be advice, strategies, tips, tricks or case studies or something that provide info value for the user and it will help solve the users’ problems.

Based on a forecast by Research and Markets, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be $325 billion by 2025. Online learning (information product) is cost-effective and has so many advantages over the traditional education system.

Information products can be a digital l information product or a CD, a DVD or printed eBook.
Digital Information Products.

Digital Information Products are products that are delivered electronically, generally delivered as a download or membership website.it can be an eBook, a video, audio, a webinar, a membership website.

An information product must pass useful information to its consumer. However, people don’t want bare information. They want tips and strategies for making their life better and easier. And that’s what the top information products provide.

Selling Information Products Online

It is much easier to create and sell information product now than before. Selling information product is money while you sleep. Customers can order products at any time, from anywhere in the world and get their product instantly.

One question most people ask when it comes to digital information product is what if people buy and send copies to their friend or sell it on their own.

Most of your customer won’t do this. so, this is not a big concern. Even if some people get this into their hand without paying, they could end up being your fan. However, if someone tries to profit from your product on a big scale you can use the copyright law against them.

how to sell information on the internet

Create and sell digital information products online with the following precise step by step guide..

Step 1: Find a profitable niche.

select a profitable information product niche to sell information product successfully.
select a profitable information product niche to market and sell information products successfully.

To create a successful information product selecting a profitable niche is very important.
Your passion is the first place to start researching the ideal niche. After picking something that you are passionate about Check out if you are the only one who is interested in your passion. Check if your passion is being talked in mainstream media, Facebook groups, Amazon, eBay or online forums.

You can also create and sell information products in one of the sub-niche of the evergreen niches like health and weight loss, mental health, sports and hobbies, gaming, technology, relationships and dating(these evergreen niches are very competitive you should make sure you select less competitive sub-niche.)

If you choose to create a product in the evergreen niches you may have to do your own background research on existing products by checking out poplar info product on market places like ClickBank bestseller (https://www.clickbank.com), Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/bestsellers/) and etc.

You can also try to benchmark the bestselling products on info product market places like click bank.

You don’t have to be a genius to benchmark and create a better product, just look at what the users are complaining and suggesting. And, come up with a better product that satisfies the users.

Don’t copy-paste others’ product, that is illegal and unprofessional, and also don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The easiest way to create and sell information product is actually to get inspiration from poplar products on sites like click bank and join the already established market.

Step 2: Create your Digital Information Products

You could create different kinds of info products on how-to guides, strategies, case studies, tips, and tricks.

Create something useful to the prospects that they can’t find in their own.

The tools that you may require to create your product are not hard to find.

For eBooks, magazines, printable and other similar products, you can create them in Microsoft word, open office, Google docs or PowerPoint. You can create a professional-looking cover page using Canva or you can order it on sites like Fiverr for little money (as little as $5)
To film videos you can use your smartphone or a simple camera. Once you have the raw movie you can use video editing software like iMovie for mac or windows movie maker for pc or you can use shotcut(a free software).

If you are too shy to stand in front of a camera. You can easily create a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation and use screen recording software like Camtasia or Screenflow or you can save your slide in video format and edit it video editing software.

For audio files, you can use a voice recording app on your smartphone or Garageband for mac or sound recorder app on windows. You may need a microphone for better sound quality.

You don’t need to be an expert to create an info product in this information age. If you are worried you are not that good to create a good info product or if you don’t have time then it is simple. Just, hire a ghostwriter to write an eBook or you can interview others using gotowebinar or Skype.

The other way to create your own information product is to buy private label rights products and rebrand them as your own. Update them as you see fit and put your name on the product then you can sell it as your own.

Step 3: Market for Your Information Products and build an email list

build an email list, market and sell information products
build an email list, market and sell information products

You have to take marketing very seriously. If you can’t show people that your product exists, there is no way for people to know it.

There are lots of ways and channels that you can market your product.

In general, you can use marketing methods like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid ad, affiliate marketing, and a combination of these methods.

The best way to market and get sells is first to build a relationship with your customer. The best way to start a relationship with your customer is to give away your best product with a YouTube video.

Give away your best information for free on YouTube

Based on cisco forecast by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. And, according to Google, 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem. You have to use this opportunity to attract potential buyers. start a youtube vlog and create videos giving your best advice, strategies tips or tricks related to your niche. And, don’t forget to make sure it can help your audience.

Provide a link to your email opt-in page or sales page in the video description and Encourage your audience to click the link in the description.use all social media channels to give away your free stuff use email autoresponder services like convert kit to collect your leads.

Email marketing is a very cost-effective method to reach your customer. For that to happen you have to build a list of email subscribers. And you send them useful free information related to your product or niche and as well you send them an offer to buy products. Sending them a free content speed up the process of knowing, liking and trusting you and your products. After you build the relationship you can send them your offer and they will be willing to buy from you.

How to market and build an email list

  • 1 social media:-be active on social media channels like youtube, Facebook, Facebook groups, Pinterest and so on.
  • 2 Search engine optimization:-put valuable content on your website or blog and optimize your site for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
  • 3 Paid ads:-you can run ads on Google pay-per-click ads or banner ads on a blog network or on social media. give away your best information in exchange for an email. You can use autoresponder like convert kit,getresponse, a weber and the like.

Step 4: Sell Information Products

sell information products to make money while you sleep
sell information products to make money while you sleep

It is a lot better to start with a simple product and make it better using feedback from your audience, than wait until you build your own website, have your own team, and an info product business.

It is best to first launch your info product and later build a business around it.building a business will help you get a consistent income.but, never wait until you set up your business.

you have to start selling your info product as soon as possible.you can use already established platforms and systems to get started fast.

ecommerce platforms that are focused on selling digital goods will help you simplify the process. These tools allow merchants to control download, pricing structure, and where their products are sold, etc.

Platforms you can use to sell your information products


If you are planning to sell one or two digital products then you can use click funnel to create dedicated landing pages and sales pages for your products. And also you can create one-click upsell funnels and maximize your profits.

Clickfunnels has both free and paid funnels that will give you a ready-made template that you plug and play your content or sales material. Wich will be a jump start on building your sales funnel to get you started fast.


If you have multiple products to sell you can use Shopify which can serve you to sell a catalog of ecommerce products. Shopify is the leader in modern ecommerce that allows you to create ecommerce stores for both digital and physical goods.


Podia lets you setup all-in-one digital storefront. You can use to sell online courses, memberships, and downloads. You don’t need a coding skill to set up your store.


Gumroad is one of the most popular digital product selling platforms. You can sell albums, books, games, films, online courses, software. The embeddable Gumroad widget makes things easy to integrate gum road to your website.


Sellfy provides a simple solution to sell digital products on your own website. you can sell products like ebook, music, video, fonts, software, etc.


You can use Easy digital downloads as a plugin for word press, to sell digital downloads.it allows you to use your word press blog to have a fully flagged ecommerce solution for a digital product.


Clickbank is the most well-known platform for selling and buying digital goods. their affiliate program is also known for driving hundred thousands of dollar for people who want to promote products on the site.


Sendowl is like an ecommerce software where everything will happen in the cloud, not on your server. They provide you affiliate system and an upsell system which will increase your revenue.

There are other platforms that you can consider to sell your digital product PayLoadz, Creative Market, Envato Market, CMSmart, Selz, etc.
If your digital product is only a course you can use sites like Udemy, Thinkific, Skillshare or any other platforms that specialize in an online course.

Step 5: Do Up-Sell

up sell to make more money with your info products
up sell to make more money with your info products

Target those small amounts of people who buy your front-end product (introductory product) offer them back end products (high priced in-depth products). Your back end product can be some in-depth info, one-on-one coaching or an event.

Courses to help you start your Information product business.

Infopreneur: Create Information Products and Online Courses view the course
This course teaches how you can identify what valuable knowledge, skills or wisdom that others will pay you for, how you organize your knowledge and package it into teachable material, how you develop a full curriculum or content for your information product, how you can determine what types of information products will work for you, how you create a strategy for marketing and distributing your information product, and you will see how you can create a thriving online business with information products or online courses.


Don’t make a low budget or a few contents to be your obstacle from creating your first digital product. Just create a simple course, eBook, or any other digital product and create a sells page and launch as soon as you can. If you don’t have your own website use other platforms that will let you sell your digital product and build your business later.

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