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how to start a vlog channel: A step by step guide to help you start and grow a successful vlog in 2019.

Vlog stands for a type of blogs where most of the content is in a video format. Before we jump to see how to start a vlog channel, let’s highlight the power of video content using a single stat below.

Based on cisco forecast by 2020 there will be almost a million minutes of video per second watched on the internet and 82% of consumers web traffic will be video.

This stat clearly shows that video content is the futures of the internet and vlogging is something that you should do now and in the future.

Now let see how you can start a vlog channel and grow it from nothing.

How to start a vlog

starting a vlog channel may be easier in the past than now. but still, you can successfully grow your vlog channel with the right strategy. Here is a step by step guide to help you start your vlog channel and grow it fast.

Step 1: buy a camera

You can start your vlog with your smartphone camera. However, if you are series about making money with your Vlog channel. You should invest in a good camera. Everybody wants to watch high definition videos. And, people are more likely to subscribe to YouTubers who have HD videos.

Buying a good Vlogging camera will help you to have high definition video quality, good audio quality, and image stabilization resulting in a quality vlog which leads to better subscriber and view.

You have lots of options to buy a good Vlogging camera e.g. Panasonic G7 with a 14-42mm lens.

you can use Panasonic G7 with a 14-42mm lens to start a good quality vlog.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7M

You also need a good microphone, editing software, laptop, and tripod or lighting set-up.

Step 2: Create a YouTube vlog channel

Youtube is the most popular video hosting site with more than 2 billion visitors a month. Currently, it is the most popular website for vloggers as well.

one youtube channel, PewDiePie’s make on average $11.28 million per year from youtube.

a vlog channel that make multi million dollar
PewDiePie a youtube channel that makes multimillion-dollar revenue streaming a gaming video

youtube is such a great place to make money. but, the money is not the only thing great about youtube, it can also help you influence the world.

One report that shows the influence of youtube is a report by Google that says 40% of millennials trust youtube for content and 60% of them say videos they have watched changed their world view.

Though youtube is not the only site that hosts a video it is by far the most popular vlog channel. it is better to start with youtube in most cases unless you are a game video streamer in which case you may consider alternatives like twitch. You can create a channel on YouTube by clicking this link.

customise your vlog channel.

You have to customize the visual appearance of your vlog channel to look professional. use professional background graphics that will attract and compel people to subscribe. To get some inspiration, you may visit your competitors Chanel to see how they are using graphics to enhance the appearance of their Chanel.

But, make sure you own the copyright of the graphics you use on your vlog channel page. if you can’t create your own graphics. you can order a fiverr gig to get beautiful graphics for your vlog channel.

You need also to select a channel title.you can modify the channel title at any time.it is better if your Chanel title reflects your vlog topic.

The channel description should also be filled with a relevant channel description that includes the detail about your vlog.

The Chanel tag needs to be related to your vlog topic and what your vlog channel want to promote.

Step 3: film your Vlog

Now it is time to start Vlogging. If you don’t know what to vlog about. You can get inspiration by watching other vlog channels that are related to your interest. And also read about things that you want to vlog about.

Then, plan a little bit and if you can write a script about what you are going to say in the vlog, you can create a better quality video this way.

start filming for your vlog channel.
film your vlog

Your first video may not be nice but you are going to make a better video as you film more videos.

Don’t forget to keep good lightning, good audio and interacting with your audience.

Step 4: edit your vlog

To make your vlog professional you have to edit your vlog. Cut out anything unwanted. You can use free or paid tools to edit your video. If you use mac you can use iMovie, for windows you can use windows moviemaker or you can use shotcut.

you can also consider Adobe Premiere Pro an expensive option, but very powerful video editing software.

 Adobe Premiere Pro for proffestional video editing
Adobe Premiere Pro professional video editor

Step 5: Upload your videos to your YouTube vlog channel

You have to upload your videos and schedule it to be published on a regular basis.

to upload your video, navigate your YouTube channel and find upload button and upload your video.

Don’t forget to write an attractive title, fill the description and add tags.

Video Title
The SEO enthusiast Brian dean suggests using at least 5 words long title.and if you can use your keyword at the beginning of your title.

Describe your video in the best way possible and use at least 250 words.include your keyword in the first 25 words, and use your keywords 2-4 times.
Tags are not critical in your ranking but when someone watches a video with a similar tag as your video.then your video will be added to the sidebar.

use your keywords and variation of your keywords as your tag and additionally use TubeBuddy to copy tags from your competitor. (we will discuss TubeBuddy later on, on this post.)

use TubeBuddy to copy tags from other video
use TubeBuddy to copy tags from your competitor

Step 6: rank your videos

If you have a huge follower you can upload your video and you could get thousands of view automatically with little SEO effort. but when you start most likely, you are not going to have a huge follower. To get more views you have to rank your video.

Youtube ranking is affected by so many factors. This factors can be categorized into before publishing and after publishing factors.

Before publishing factors

Length of video
Publish date

After publishing factors

Click-through rates
Watch time
Like/dislike rating
Subscriber conversion rates
Social media engagement
Channel growth metrics

It may be hard to optimize for all these factors. fortunately, there are some tools that can help you optimize better.


VidIQ is a chrome browser extension that can be used for youtube keyword research, video scoring, video SEO, tag management, analytics, and more. VidIQ is a youtube certified app.


TubeBuddy is another YouTube certified chrome extension like vidIQ, that give you real-time suggestions on videos keywords, video ranking and just about everything you need to grow like vidIQ.

but TubeBuddy is a better-paid option than vidIQ. Both extensions have a free and paid plan. however, TubeBuddy has some better features and it is a less expensive option, especially with its discount for channels under 1,000 subscribers.

The benefits of using tools like VidIQ or TubeBuddy are:-

  • It can help you to improve your SEO strategy.
  • It gives you statistics and analytics
  • Copy and paste tags and keywords from one video to others (you can use this tool on your competitors’ video)
  • It will help you follow a video optimization checklist to get more views and subs.
  • and, so many other benefits that are hard to achieve manually.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another browser extension for google chrome and Firefox that gives you information about keyword search volume, cost per click, and paid competition data.

The benefits of keywords everywhere can be summarised as:-

  • It will help you find high potential long-tail phrases to rank on google search results as well.
  • It lets you copy keywords directly from excel and download them as an Excel CSV or pdf.
  • You can select any keyword on any website and right-click to get keyword data for that keyword.

These tools give you information that will help you optimize your youtube seo.but, they can’t rank your video by themselves. Here is what you have to do to get a high rank.

YouTube Keyword Research

To find the right keyword for your youtube video generates a list of keywords ideas.

you can use youtube search suggest a feature to easily generate a list of potential keywords.

What you have to do is type a word or phrase in the youtube search bar and youtube will give you a bunch of keywords related to what you typed in. these keywords are proven to work because these are the terms that people type into youtube.

using youtube keyword suggestion to find keyword
using youtube keyword suggestion to find keyword

For example, the keyword travel, as shown above, is a very competitive and broad keyword with more than 450,000 search volume. typing “travel” in the youtube search bar gives back suggested keywords that are less competitive.

You can also copy key words from popular videos in your niche.to do that go to the most popular channel in your niche and filter their video by most popular.

see which keywords that video is optimized for. To do that Check out the keywords that video title and description are optimized around.do further research on these keywords and consider using them, if they have a high potential for ranking.

By now you have a list of keywords.going after keywords with lots of competition are really hard to rank Unless you have lots of subscribers. So, you have to select keywords with low competition.

Most long-tail keywords have lower competition than short term keywords. Generally, targeting long-tail keywords with enough search volume should be your strategy when you start a vlog.

If your video rank for google search result you can get at least two times more views. google rank videos for certain keywords like How-to keywords, Reviews, Tutorials, etc.

How do you find youtube keywords that can rank for google search? the answer is simple use keywords that you have collected previously and search on google using the keywords, if google brings results that include video then this youtube keyword terms can rank on google too.but you have to check the search volume using keyword everywhere.

Video Comments

You have to remember your audience to comment on your video. After analyzing 1.3 million youtube search results brian dean reported comments strongly correlated with high ranking in the search results.

one of the big boys in the SEO field Neil Patel in one of his conference suggested using an image in your video that asks for comments could be a better way to get comments without attracting the attention of youtube algorithm that may detect that you’re asking for comments.

“Subscribes” After Watching a Video

Ask people to subscribe to your youtube video. if someone watched your video and subscribed to your channel then that tells youtube algorithm your video is amazing.

Video share on social media

When youtube sees a video being shared on social media like facebook, twitter, etc. that is one signal for youtube to think that your video is good content.so, encourage people to share your video.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The percentage of people that click on your result is known as “click-through-rate”.when you get higher CTR you will get a boost in your ranking. To get higher CTR, use compelling thumbnail and title.

Video Length

The longer your video the better but don’t forget to create the best video.

Step 7: promote your video

grow your vlog channel by promoting your video on other social media channels
promote your youtube video on other social media channels

In step 6 we have discussed the importance of sharing your videos as a ranking factor. sharing your video help not only to rank better but also it will help you word of mouth about your vlog.

sharing and promoting your video is a very important strategy especially when you start your vlog.lets see some of the ways you can promote your video.

Promote your video on Quora and other Q&A sites.

Quora is one of the most popular social media sites on the web.people on Qura are very eager for information.promoting your video will get you high-quality views which contribute to your youtube ranking as well.

To promote your video register on Quora and search Qura using a keyword related to your video’s topic. when you find a relevant question answer the question in the best way possible and include a link to your video.

Promote your video using email

Include a link to your video in your email and share it with people.

Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts

Embed your video in your blog post and on other sites where you may write gust post.

create a Playlists

A playlist is one of the best strategies to get more views.to create a playlist identify 4-5 videos that have a common topic. then create a playlist that includes that set of videos and include it on your channel page.

Optimize Your Channel Page

Make your channel page look professional. which increase your subscriber and views. and use keywords that you want to rank for in your about section.

Step 8: monetize your vlog channel

As a discussed previously video is going to be 82% percent of the internet making money using video site like youtube is very interesting and it could be very lucrative if done right. Here is the list of ways you can monetize your video.


When you get some 1,000 subscribers base and 4,000 watch hours within 12 months on your Channel you will be eligible to monetize your videos. Which means the ad will be shown to your views at the beginning or inside your video and you will make some money that way.

you shouldn’t use copyrighted material that you don’t own. otherwise, you will not be allowed to monetize your video.

Sell your products and services

If you have a product or service Youtube can be the best way to direct traffic to your sales funnel.
Use your video to provide helpful content and provide a link to your special opt-in page in your video description to collect email. build a relationship with your email list by offering helpful advice and free content then eventually offer your products or service.

Affiliate Marketing

Video is a great way to do affiliate marketing.you can do tutorials, product review,” unboxing” videos, a lot more.

To make money doing affiliate marketing what you have to do is to create an engaging video and include your affiliate link within the video description.do not forget to disclose your affiliate relationship.

Brand Sponsorship

Brands are looking for youtube influencers.pitch companies you trust and blive in to sponsor you.

Always promote product relevant to your audience and disclose your relationship.

Community Sponsors

your fans can sponsor your youtube Chanel which give them a little badge that displays their name in your comments.you can also give them sponsor only content.

commission from YouTube Red Subscribers

When you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within a 12-month period you can start receiving a commission based on how much time Red subscribers spend time on your videos.

Sell Merch

When you reach more than 10,000 subscribers on youtube you can create and sell custom branded merchandise in your youtube videos. you can sell T-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, etc.

final thoughts

video is the future of the internet and is one of the most important marketing strategies.this is why anyone who wants a big online presence should learn how to start a vlog channel the right way. you should never get intimidated by the competition. just create your videos and rank it for relevant search terms.

use the comment section below to tell us the most difficult part of starting a vlog.

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